Can a Selfie Be Worth $1 billion?

By: Lane Olander The latest buzz on Ellen DeGeneres’s infamous Oscar selfie is whether or not it is worth as much as Publicis Groupe CEO Maurice Levy is claiming.  Levy stated that the… Continue reading

Amazon Fire

By: Lane Olander Amazon is entering in a new market where it will now be competing against Apple, Google, and Microsoft. Amazon is offering a new video streamer that connects to your TV… Continue reading

Public Television Makes a Comeback

By: Spencer Kennedy For the first time in too long, state funding for public television has increased. The 2008 fiscal year saw the most recent peak in state funds – $277 million budgeted… Continue reading

Media Ecosystems

By: Spencer Kennedy My initial plan was to start off with an anecdote about learning “ecosystems” in elementary school. I was going to find the dictionary definition, and then provide the newer but… Continue reading

Fans can Experience SXSW from Anywhere

By: Lane Olander From March 7th to 16th, the film, music and media event known as South by Southwest will be returning to Austin, Texas. In 2013, 7,902 people attended the festival, but this… Continue reading

Alright, Alright, Alright!

By: Alli McIlvain The 86th Annual Academy Awards took place on March 2, 2014 and was as boring as it usually is. The program lasted just over three hours and reached 43 million… Continue reading

The North Face Lifestyle

By: Alyssa Fix Long over are the days when audiences would pay attention to advertisements.  Instead, more than ever, people are trying to avoid advertisements as much as they can.  In a world… Continue reading

And The Oscar for Social Media Goes to… J.C. Penney

By: Lane Olander J.C. Penney plans on taking over Twitter during the Oscars. J.C. Penney has already proven to be a social media force to be reckoned with during the Super Bowl. During… Continue reading

Netflix Mocks Rival Amazon

By:Spencer Kennedy Conceived 14 years ago in California’s Silicon Valley area, Netflix has grown to achieve booming success, boasting tens of millions of subscribers worldwide and, more recently, grabbing its first Golden Globe… Continue reading

Medical Marijuana Commercial on Major Networks

By: Alli McIlvain With the legalization of recreational marijuana in both Colorado and Washington State, the United States has taken a big step towards broader legalization of the substance. There is a long history… Continue reading

Progressive Going Floverboard on Advertising?

By: Jed Lacy Debuting in 2008, Progressive Insurance’s Flo campaign celebrates its 6th anniversary this year.   Flo has appeared in over 100 ads during her time as the face for the Fortune 500… Continue reading

Comcast: Behind the Scenes

By: Spencer Kennedy Comcast and Time Warner have announced a $45 billion merger. Anyone familiar with the media industry is likely aware of its concentrated nature. Simply put, a few large conglomerates bumping… Continue reading

Governing the Internet

By: Spencer Kennedy At this point it time, it doesn’t matter if you are an engineer or a writer, a teacher or a student, conservative or liberal; the Internet is either already a… Continue reading

#RKOBH Takes Over Reality TV One Hashtag at a Time

By Tom Ritondale The reality television empire E! has done it once again with its new reality show Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, otherwise known as #RKOBH. Revolving around the affluent lifestyles of… Continue reading

Print to Digital

By: Lane Olander Buying magazines from a newsstand seems to be a thing of the past. Newsstand sales dropped 11% in the second half of 2013. However, as traditional print magazines are on… Continue reading

Live Television on the Rise

By: Alyssa Fix “The Sound of Music Live!” special on NBC may be changing what certain networks broadcast.  Ratings show that 18.5 million viewers tuned into watch the special, making it the most… Continue reading

O Captain My Captain

By: Dan Stankus At the end of the semester, I’d like to give a tip of my three-cornered hat to my favorite television ad campaign of the year: Captain Morgan. It is a… Continue reading

Miley Cyrus: Marketing Extraordinaire?

By Jenna Egan Practically every American has seen or at least heard of Miley Cyrus’ infamous “twerking” scandal on the MTV Video Music Awards.  However, was her raunchy and extremely provocative performance actually… Continue reading

An App for All Your Senses

Sari Bernfield Just when we thought that advertising could not get any more creative, Pop Secret and Deutsch have outdone themselves. They have created a dongle that attaches to the iPhone and iPod… Continue reading

Toy Fighting Sexism

Alli McIlvain The company GoldieBlox is fighting to break gender stereotypes with its new engineering toy geared towards girls. The company was founded by Debbie Sterling, an engineer from Rhode Island, who is… Continue reading

The Heart of Advertising

By: James Yoo I was undecided about my major for a long time. I knew I wanted to do something creative, progressive, and inspiring, and while advertising could fulfill the first two criteria,… Continue reading

Selfie: The New Face of Photography?

By: Claudette Reyes The Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year is “selfie.” A selfie (noun) is a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and… Continue reading

Trend Report: Selfies

By: Sari Bernfield Selfie: “A photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website,” according to the Oxford Dictionary. People… Continue reading

ESPN’s Mobile Rejuvenation

By: Spencer Kennedy ESPN has finally rebranded its most popular segment – “SportsCenter” – as a mobile application. The beginning of this story dates back to June 2009 when ESPN launched its ScoreCenter… Continue reading

The Most Epic Split

By: Claudette Reyes “I’ve had my ups and downs, my fair share of bumpy roads and heavy winds. That is what made me what I am today.” These powerful words are from Jean-Claude… Continue reading